Quarantine Christmas Mani #2

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m not but my nails most certainly are…

I have so much going on in my life, like most do now a days. I felt that I needed to reclaim my “ME” time even if only a couple of hours when everyone else in my home was asleep. This mani will be the last one before New Year’s Eve…

Polishes used for my mani: BKL~Once Upon a Generation (FF OCT 2020)
Different Dimension~Grunge NYC~116 Broadway Burgandy Frost
Stamping plates used: Maniology MXM043, M080 & M081

My cuticles are suffering with all the hand washing and sanitizing but from start to finish

Glisten & Glow~Ridgefilling Base Coat, Top Coat and Cuticle Oil (Sangria White Peach).
I would usually use CTRL-ALT-DEL (Latex Barrier) available scented and unscented, but it was late and in my defense I got lazy.
End result not to bad for an after midnight mani…

Try to carve out a little “ME” time everyday and disconnect even for a moment… watch a video, a movie, listen to music or like me polish your nails it doesn’t matter just take care of you. In order to care for others we need self-care first.

Until the next time or in my case until the next mani love yourself and be kind!



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