My Fall Manis…

How many manis do you do you do or get done in a month?

Well don’t judge me, but in a week, I can do my nails any where from three to five times. I’m a SAHM of three. My two youngest boys are 13 and 14 my eldest is 24 and pretty self sufficient. Its just something I do for “ME” time it relaxes me. Self care and love is necessary for mental health and I find doing my nails works for me. Below I’ll be sharing all the Fall manis I did in the month of September and the start of October.

Buckle up this ride is about to begin…

First up Different Dimension ~ Sloth {7 Deadly Sins Collection 2019}

Wildflower Lacquer ~ Winged Triumph {Mystical Garden Mystery Bag}

Sinful Colors ~ Dragonfly {Sinful Mattes Collection}

Bee’s Knees ~ The Gate {Stranger Things Collection} (Matte)

OPI ~ My Twin Mimmy {Hello Kitty Collection}

Different Dimension ~ Envy & Greed {7 Deadly Sins Collection 2019} (alternating mani)

Different Dimension ~ Gluttony {7 Deadly Sins Collection 2019}

Glisten & Glow ~ Peace, Love & Music {THH July 2019}

Different Dimension ~ Juliet

Different Dimension ~ Are You Sure That We Are Awake? {Polish Con 2018}

Glisten & Glow ~ Nine Years & Nailing It {9 Yr. Anniversary 2019}

Glisten & Glow ~ Racking It In and Autumn In A Nutshell (accent nail) {Fall Collection 2019}

Glisten & Glow ~ Hello Gourd-geous! {Fall Collection 2019} and Different Dimension ~ Extraterrestrial {Fall Collection 2019} (alternating mani)

Different Dimension ~ A Winner Is A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up {POTM July 2019} and Fire In The Sky {Fall Collection 2019}(alternating mani)

Dollish Polish ~ Help Me Obi Wah Kenobi You’re My Only Hope and Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder {Star Wars Collection 2019}

Glisten & Glow ~ Give em’ Pumpkin to talk about {THH October 2019} /Accent: 6 Harts ~ There Will Be Time {Annual Breast Cancer Awarness Box 2019}

Yesterday I switched it up… Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #303 ~ Flashy Fushia and #013 ~ Blue Steel (matte)

Glisten & Glow ~ Base and Quick Dry Top Coat

Plate: BeautyBigBang XL-047

More to come…

I’m sorry some of the polihes are no longer available and some are but go check out one or all these awesome shops I’m sure you’ll find something you love.


Different Dimesion

Glisten & Glow

Dollish Polish

Wildflower Lacquer

Bee’s Knees

Until Next Time Happy Polishing!!!



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