MTK Design

I, like everyone else who’s fallen down the rabbit hole and refuses to climb out have favorite brands…A recent one for me is MTK Design, which I discovered through Polish Pickup (PPU). I bought several at this point but my last three have been top faves. My very first MTK was April 2018~There’s Coffee in that Nebula” its a gorgeous blue polish when cold, but warms to a rich latte color with pink, copper, gold shifting chameleon shimmer and it’s coffee scented 😍

Let me tell you a little about PPU…it takes place every month beginning the first Friday and ending Monday. They have so many amazing makers and the themes are voted on by the nail community that follows them. I’ve lived through my fellow polish ladies from month to month and their purchases. I’m able to get just a couple, if any at all.

Fast forward to today and I’ve loved every MTK Design contribution to the PPU thus far and the marker~Mary seems to have found a way to tempt me and keep me coming back to see what other awesomeness she comes up with.

Check out this line up from MTK Design for September, October and November…

Sept 2018~Check your Candy is a thermal polish with iridescent blue glitters, red & copper UCC flakies its a bright cobalt blue when cold and a pale blue when warm. Bonus times two its candy corn scented and glows in the dark.

Oct 2018~Embrace Darkness is thermal that when cold is oxblood red and warm goes to a bright red with red shimmer.

Nov 2018~Metal Goddess is a beautiful thermal that is dark blue when cold to blonde when warm.

For December the theme is “ENCHATED FOREST” there is a green MTK with my name on it and if you don’t know I love green… I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

You’re able to go and take a peek on PPU for December pretties and create a wishlist…

Also go check out MTK Design on Etsy. Mary has got a nice selection and offers full size and minis.

Shipping for PPU is a $3 flat rate. PPU opens on December 7th at 11am EST until December 10th at 9 pm EST

MTK Shop:

PPU Shop:

PPU Group:

Until next time happy polishing!!!




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