Sometimes life gets in the way…and that’s okay!

Everytime, I say I’m going to focus on my blog something comes up… I have a lot of things going on in my life. I am a mom of six (three boys ages 12, 13 and 23) and step mom to three (two young men ages 19, 28 and a beautiful young lady age 20) with the world to change and it overwhelms me from time to time. Yet, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Motherhood is challenging and the day to day struggles are building me up to be amazing. I’ve been fortunate to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) for my teo youngest. It wasn’t exactly by choice, but it happened when my children needed me the most. My two boys were struggling in school and it became my mission to assure them both a successful future.

Before, I was always so tired between working overnights & weekends and being a mom, life was kicking my butt. I had a discussion with my other half and expressed to him how I felt about failing at the most important thing in my life…being a MOM! He has always regardless of anything else been my rock.

It was hard to talk with friends about how bad I was feeling so I didn’t and heaven only knows how sad it made me. I am honestly so grateful for the support of my better half. I have to say that with all the things going wrong at the same time, my children gave me purpose. My support system became my little family unit.

Struggles were bound to come up, but things would always work out as long as my vision remained clearly focused on my family. I’ll blog when I can, when I remember to. I’ll polish my nails when I need to destress and it will be okay. No one can judge me as harshly as I’ve done in the past so Dr. Seuss was right all along…

It has always amazed me how you’re your biggest critic and only when you change how you see yourself will anything change. I’ll leave this here for now.

Happy polishing… Until next time be true to yourself!!!


MTK Design

I, like everyone else who’s fallen down the rabbit hole and refuses to climb out have favorite brands…A recent one for me is MTK Design, which I discovered through Polish Pickup (PPU). I bought several at this point but my last three have been top faves. My very first MTK was April 2018~There’s Coffee in that Nebula” its a gorgeous blue polish when cold, but warms to a rich latte color with pink, copper, gold shifting chameleon shimmer and it’s coffee scented 😍

Let me tell you a little about PPU…it takes place every month beginning the first Friday and ending Monday. They have so many amazing makers and the themes are voted on by the nail community that follows them. I’ve lived through my fellow polish ladies from month to month and their purchases. I’m able to get just a couple, if any at all.

Fast forward to today and I’ve loved every MTK Design contribution to the PPU thus far and the marker~Mary seems to have found a way to tempt me and keep me coming back to see what other awesomeness she comes up with.

Check out this line up from MTK Design for September, October and November…

Sept 2018~Check your Candy is a thermal polish with iridescent blue glitters, red & copper UCC flakies its a bright cobalt blue when cold and a pale blue when warm. Bonus times two its candy corn scented and glows in the dark.

Oct 2018~Embrace Darkness is thermal that when cold is oxblood red and warm goes to a bright red with red shimmer.

Nov 2018~Metal Goddess is a beautiful thermal that is dark blue when cold to blonde when warm.

For December the theme is “ENCHATED FOREST” there is a green MTK with my name on it and if you don’t know I love green… I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

You’re able to go and take a peek on PPU for December pretties and create a wishlist…

Also go check out MTK Design on Etsy. Mary has got a nice selection and offers full size and minis.

Shipping for PPU is a $3 flat rate. PPU opens on December 7th at 11am EST until December 10th at 9 pm EST

MTK Shop:

PPU Shop:

PPU Group:

Until next time happy polishing!!!


I switched service providers and was locked out of my blog… This was the most frustrating thing ever, but hey I’m baaaaaaack!!! Stay tuned I’ve got a lot to share missed you’ll.

Until next time happy polishing friends!

Life is getting the best of me…

Hi friends or should I say hi Dee being I’m probably the only one reading this, but its cool I started this blog thing to give myself an outlet to share me as I am!

I work at improving the person I am daily, but lately it seems forces are working against me. I will not stray from the path of the person I aspire to become. Regardless of the setbacks and the hurdles, I’ll continue to fight forward. I want to hide sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and in many ways I do. I don’t want to talk on the phone, get out bed or step out the door. I cope or at least I pretend I’m coping it takes me a day or two to get my shit together. I move about my day out of habit. I make breakfast, lunch, dinner, clean and do laundry as needed, but on those days that life smacks me down and I’m not ready for it; I shut down. I mask it well and no one seems to see.

I’m turning 43 next month and there is so much I want to accomplish. I’ve decided to give myself smaller goals this way I’m not setting myself up to fail. I could list them, but I won’t because the thought of doing so causes me extreme anxiety.

Did I tell you that’s a new thing for me? Anxiety it’s a small word but boy oh boy is it a huge pain in the butt. It’s well after 3am and I can’t sleep, but lately this has become the norm for me. It’s gotten so bad that my mind races as soon as my head touches the pillow. Do you know how impossible it is to sleep when you’re thoughts are racing?

I found taking a little me time and doing my nails is the only thing I can do to relax, but the problem as of late has been I just don’t want to. I did last night… the polish color and name of said polish called out to me.



I will be cleaning and clearing things and people slowly out of my life. My peace of mind, health and well being are priority for me. I have a family that needs me and I need to focus on that and any and all negative vibes need to be removed from my path.

Until next time!!!

Piece of Mind & Soul…

This is not a typical me post, but I feel like I need share. I read a very inspirational post on Facebook the other day and it made me reflect on me… thanks W.S.

A lot is said about mental health and there are all kinds of different forms. I’m not an expert in any of this and like anyone else… life happens to me too, but anxiety and depression are real and how you handle those feelings of being overwhelmed or lost matter.

I kept all the feelings to myself for the most part. I started noticing small things at first in my late 20’s to early 30’s. I’d get sad for no reason, a simple commercial would choke me up it seemed innocent enough, but it progressed slowly over time. I would experience moments I just didn’t want to do anything at all. I could sleep all day and still feel exhausted. I went to my doctor told her how I was feeling test were done and everything came back fine. I was given a prescription for vitamins and sent on my way.

I’d go about my day to day working, taking my kids to and from school, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and all the other mommy stuff on autopilot. I felt overwhelmed all the time and it was so rough on my spirit. I would lash out and lose my cool more often than not. I had to learn to self regulate and that was not an easy task to accomplish alone.

Now fast forward to my early 40’s. I am kind to even the most unpleasant of people I encounter. I have been able to learn how to control that overwhelming feeling that still to this day comes over me at the most unforeseen times. I found out that giving myself a purpose has saved me. It also helps that I’ve chosen to surround myself with amazing and inspirational people. My imaginary happy bubble helps too! πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

So much has changed and now the world is aware that social emotional support is important to the point that they have incorporated it into our children’s learning. I have hopefor the future and dream of the day that such things no longer exsist but until that time comes I’ll hold on to my faith.

And when its just to much…

I’ll think of my loving family, which includes a few I’ve adopted throughout the years. They give me the strength to overcome any obstacles that are in my path.

My heart and soul appreciate you all and for now I leave you, but keep dreaming, speak it and make it so!!!

Sprinter Mani

Good day all. Well I wanted a beautiful Spring mani but inspiration was lacking…

This was taken on April 2nd… Mother nature has other plans. I sat and contemplated what color to use. Well light bulb moment or good timing my March Holo Hookup box arrived.

They were all perfect…

  • Glisten & Glow~Kiss My Tulips
  • Cupcake Polish~Shut Your Tulips
  • Different Dimension~Tulip Mania
  • Lacquester~Tulipazuli

See the the play on words I love tulips so this was a must have box for me.

Once I decided the colors I wanted to use which trust me was no easy task, I went to work…

Pushed back my cuticles, cut down my length a bit (love my shorties) and prepped for my colors. I chose Glisten & Glow and Cupcake for my mani.

I alternated colors throughout, but there was something missing… πŸ€”

I was loving stamping once I finally figured out how to get it to pick up and stamp on my nails.

I decided on this Bundle Monster Plate (BM-XL217), used an unbranded clear stamper I got on Ebay and have only been able to get the Pueen white to stamp for me. Also used the Glisten & Glow latex barrier.

In case you can’t tell there is a beautiful tulip image that I had to use on this mani…

Until next time happy polishing!!!

My Manis…

Its been awhile forgive me I’d love to share everyday with you, but life gets in the way and I must adult… 😁

I’m back and will do better at posting a bit more often. The last few weeks have been busy as you shall see by the following million photos. I’ll apologize now because most if not all of these amazing polishes are not currently avaiable for sale on the brand pages, but destashes are always a place to look for any polish and regardless if you visit their sites you’ll find plenty of awesomeness. Disclaimer: Your budget will be blown but your nails will be beautiful πŸ˜πŸ’…!!!

These are in no particular order because well I do my nails as many times as needed to relax so that’s a lot of acetone use, but they are all beautiful polishes… All my photos are two coats and top coat. I use base coat when I have time 😁!!! Excuse the lighting and cuticles I’m not a pro and this is my happy place on the note let’s begin…

Don Deeva~Pet Penis

AE~Yellow Dreams For Doris (Custom) Giveaway prize and I love it…

Dollish Polish~Queenbee’s Whizbees (February PPU) / Dollish Polish~I Choose Violence (2018)

Contrary Polish~Gummy Bears in Love (PPU-February)

Dollish Polish~I’m On A Curiosity Voyage…To Your Heart (Stranger Love Box)

Polished for days~Grey Opal (PPU-January)

EverAfter~Playing With Fire (PPU-January)

Dollish Polish~Harmonious Heart (PPU-January)

Dollish Polish~A City So Nice They Named It Twice (NY Polish Con 2017)

Supermoon Lacquer~Doris’s Fomo (Custom) Currently available on her site.

Great Lakes Lacquer~Why Does the Air Hurt My Face? (Multichrome Madness Group Custom)

Pahlish~Marshmallow Pumpkin (Happy Holo-Ween II Collection) and Accent Nail: Different Dimension~Don’t Leaf Me This Way (Fall Trio 2017)

Glisten & Glow~Shifty in Chi (Chicago Polish Con 2017)

What I’ve been using as base, top coat and cuticle oil… From left to right: Glisten & Glow everything. Cuticle Oil~Sangria White Peach Scent. I alternate base coats as needed Ridge filling Base Coat (Can also be worn alone for a natural clean looking mani), Base Coat and of course my favorite Top Coat is clear, shiny and fast drying.

All these brands/makers are amazing and the customer service has been top notch for me so far… Don’t take my word for it go check them out yourself!!!

Below I’ve linked the shops for every brand shown above including the Polish Pickup, which is currently closed but is open the fist weekend of every month with dozens of nail and non-nail items to choose from.

Don Deeva –

AE –

Dollish Polish –

Polish Pickup – (Closed until April)

Contrary Polish –

Polished for days –

EverAfter –

Supermoon Lacquer –

Great Lakes Lacquer –

Pahlish –

Different Dimension –

Last but definitely not least,

Glisten & Glow –

Until next time… HAPPY POLISHINGπŸ’…!!! 😚