Waiting for you…

So if you know me you know I’m waiting for the arrival of my first grandbaby…

In the picture is the amazing young woman who’s carrying my grandbaby. She’s bright and loves my son Ricky. Her name is Jasmine and her twisted sense of humor fits right in with my son’s and mine too…

I did not birth her, but I love her just the same… I didn’t expect to be a grammy (as my 12 year old son dubbed me) at 42, but here we are waiting for a sweet baby boy to come into the world. The blessing of the life they created fills my heart to the point it overflows with happiness.

A perfect baby boy with 10 fingers and 10 toes and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms like I’m holding you in my heart already.

E.T.A ~ October 6, 2017


Lemming Lacquer

My current mani is making me smile… I purchased this one awhile back and because of delayed shipping and my procrastination, I had not used it until now.

Let me introduce you to Lemming Lacquer~Hoyt’s Cologne.

On the site this beauty is described as a dirty brown/green jelly base with strong orange and copper shimmer and flash.

On the first coat I won’t lie I was worried. It went on smooth but streaky with the second coat it was a game changer the color deepened and it was completely opaque. I used two coats and my favorite Glisten & Glow fast dry top coat.

I’ve been practicing my stamping skills and now want to stamp over all my manis… LoL.

Image Plates used: Ejiubas~EJB-08 and Ejiubas collab plate with Don Deeva. Below are the two images I used.

The stamper is a no frills clear one I got on eBay.

I’ve been using random polishes to stamp this one was L.A. Colors~French White and it did a beautiful job. Yes there are tons of stamping polishes out there and one day I’ll get them all, but while I’m learning I’ll stick to what’s already available to me.

Lemming Lacquer: http://www.lemminglacquer.com/

Hoyt’s Cologne ~ http://www.lemminglacquer.com/product/hoyt-s-cologne

Glisten & Glow Top Coat: http://www.glistenandglow.bigcartel.com/

Image Plates: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07545TLPP/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr0_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1506036593&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=don+deeva+stamping+plate

Until next time happy polishing!!!

Nail Stamping

I’ve tried several nail art experiments, yes I said experiments because they haven’t gone to well… LoL

Nail stamping, I tried once or twice and I really didn’t see why I wasn’t getting it. I watched numerous YouTube videos and got all these awesome tips through a Facebook group~Acetone Alley. I got so many cool tips, tricks and links to what the ladies use that they inspired me to try, try again. It seemed simple enough but still I was struggling between the group, reading comments on another post and a link to a lady doing nail stamping (Really wish I remembered her name or even the post). In short she said not to apply to much pressure when trying to pick-up the image. Hot damn the next time I tried and to my surprise it worked…

My attempts have been improving.

Base: Tonic~Dragon Tears polish used to stamp Nicole by OPI~Razzle Dazzler

Image Plate: Konad Square 09

From that first time I was hyped to try again…so I did!

Base: Girly bits~Every Day I’m Truffling polish used to stamp Nicole by OPI~Razzle Dazzler

Image Plate: Lina~Make Your Mark 03

And again…

This last time was a breeze and as soon as I get actual stamping polish it can only get better.

Base Polishes: Different Dimension~Queen Nefertiti accent nail Pahlish~Lagoon

Image Plate: Lina~Make Your Mark 03

Side note: All manis topped by Glisten & Glow’s fast drying and super shiny clear top coat (formerly known as HK Girl).

Now I have to get more image plates… this rabbit hole has no bottom, but I don’t mind it just wish wallets worked like that… 😁😂🤣🤣

Until next time… Happy Polishing!!!

Today’s Mani…

My current mani contains Tonic Nail Polish and Different Dimension alternating on every other finger.

Tonic ~ Dragon Tears is a multichrome shade that shifts from green to blue to purple with a scattered holographic and silver microglitter. Depending on your lighting you’re able to see so much depth in person. It applies smooth and opaque in two coats.

Different Dimension ~ Dorothy Dandridge (August 2017 Polish Pickup Exclusive) is a black jelly base with a beautiful scattering of silver, gold, blue holographic micro flecks.

This one is everything and goes on completely smooth, with two coats was perfectly opaque for me.

My mani is topped off by Glisten & Glow’s fast drying and super shiny clear top coat (formerly known as HK Girl). The cuticle oil is Different Dimension ~ Love.

I’m so ready for the Fall!

Until next time happy polishing!!!

Different Dimension ~ Love

So, I was fortunate to have met the maker of Different Dimension (Missi) at Polish Con in Brooklyn, NY in April of this year. When I placed an order for my birthday I got a couple of extras surprises and included were these little lovelies right here. ♡♡♡ I’ve been using the one called “Love”. It comes in a conveniently sized 2.7ml pen applicator which can be thrown in my bag or slipped into my pocket. The smell is devine… On Different Dimension’s site the scent is described as a blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine, but the name describes exactly how I feel about the scent and feel of this cuticle oil. Its not greasy and soaks in nicely. All ingredients are listed on label and her site. I’m a mom and my hands are in water a lot throughout the day. I’ve been using this a couple of times a day for the last few weeks and I’m happy with how good my usually dry cuticles are looking as of late. Missi was sweet enough to send me three of her scents, but there is a super long list of other scents available on Different Dimension’s webpage and if you’re not into scents there is even an unscented version. Win win for all! Go check out the all the cuticle oil pens at: http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/product/cuticle-oil-2-7-ml-pen. Until next time happy polishing!!!

Glisten & Glow/Cupcake Polish Mani

For my current mani I used Glisten & Glow ~ Fairy’s Tryst (August Holo Hookup) and Cupcake Polish ~ Like A Peach (Indie Polish Lovers Unite group custom)Both are no longer available but they are beautiful. Glisten & Glow ~ Fairy’s Tryst is a silver linear holographic with rainbows… Well at least that’s what I call them but the indie community says its holographic with golden green shimmer and silver holo microglitters. Cupcake Polish ~ Like A Peach is one of the three customs made for the IPLU group is a perfect a neon peach with copper shimmers. Paired together these two pretties are beautiful. Both applied smoothly and easily. Picture shown is two coats and top coat. The nailart used are stickers and very afforable. If you’re talented and can do nailart kudos to you but for us nailart challenged these are life savers.

You can find them on ebay or amazon even neighborhood beauty supply places will carry them but a bit pricey… I got assorted floral patterens on ebay for under $5 and it was like 30 different sheets.

I did my pedi using the same colors but switched it up.

******************************** Warning pedi picture to follow:


Until next time happy polishing!!!

Different Dimension

So how has your week gone? Mine has been busy to say the least… As a wife & mom it’s always go go go and that’s okay except when I can’t find “ME TIME”

My therapy has been giving myself a mani usually its after everyone is in bed and all the housework has been done. Besides keeping me sane I do enjoy polishing my nails. This time around I chose two beautiful colors… Bomb which is part of the 90’s trio and Enchant-mint is part of the August Holo Hookup (Exclusive). 90’s Trio is $25.00 plus shipping.

So for this weeks mani I used Bomb on my ring finger and Enchant-mint as my main color. Bomb on the first coat was a bit sheer and I was worried, but when that second coat went on it was breathtaking. It dried a bit dull nothing a topcoat couldn’t fix but I’m interested in how this one would look mattified. Hmmm will explore that one soon. Enchant-mint was beautiful on the first coat and the second only made it better. Both went on with no issues and were smooth to the touch before topcoat (HK Girl)!!! (Above picture from site.)

The August Holo Hookup is no longer available, but keep an eye out monthly they have amazing polishes. You get four holo polishes for $40.00 plus shipping. The featured makers of the HH box are Different Dimension, Glisten & Glow and Cupcake Polish. They have different guest makers every month. August 21st the next box will go live and the invited maker will be Takko Lacquer.

For information about the Holo Hookup go to their FB group page or to just shop going to: http://www.theholohookup.bigcartel.com/

Different Dimension: http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/

Glisten & Glow: http://www.glistenandglow.bigcartel.com/

Cupcake Polish: http://cupcakepolish.bigcartel.com/

Update 8/12/17

Mani in sunlight

Mani mattified using Glisten & Glow ~ Matte Top Coat

Until next time happy polishing!!!