Make Your Own Good Days Happen

Good morning beautiful humans! Today is a wonderful day… I’m clear headed and appreciative for the many blessings in my life.

I know not all my days will be like this but I’m ready to face them head on and that’s a huge accomplishment. So how is your day going? Remember don’t let anyone control the awesome person you’re meant to be and shine bright. We all have a purpose and while it may not be apparent to you others can see your light and it can bring change in the chaos we call life. Until next time sending blessings and kindness to surround you.


My Journey to Find Self Love…

It’s been a rough few years. I know I’m not alone. Even before the whole pandemic I was lost and didn’t realize how much until I was forced to sit at home for almost two years. Have you ever second guessed a decision or your life choices? It’s eye opening and a roller-coaster of emotions. I hope to be able to follow through with this whole process and pray to be able to trust said process. I want to know that moving forward I am making all the best choices for ME. Buckle up buttercup its about to get real, good, bad, ugly and sometimes messy but in the end I will be a better ME and with that, change will be inevitable.

How is your day going? Lately, I’ve had an overwhelming urge to cry. Nothing bad happened I’ve had regular days. I clean up a bit around the house, but haven’t been able to shake that feeling.

Hobbies have taken a backseat for now. I am working on decluttering and beautifying my surroundings starting with my plants and moving from area to area in my apartment until I’ve cleared the extra nonessential things. This has been a process and is taking a while but slow and steady right?

So its been a bit since I started this post but as every day passes I give thanks for what I have and am trusting the process. Slow and steady. My health has improved drastically thanks to a few changes in diet. I’m still not on the exercise kick but am walking more and have began not avoiding stairs… plus for me.

At my heaviest I was over 240 currently at 213 not bad my goal is 185 – 190. I’m not trying to be a size 6 just healthy. I put on a pair jeans that when purchased over a year ago didn’t fit at all and they were loose the excitement was real when they went over my hips. It’s the little things.

Funny story my journey has led me back to crystals. My dad gifted me a couple of pieces of raw crystal when I was younger, one is amethyst the other is Chalcopyrite. A friend added a few… well more than a few as you can see. I’ve been learning about them and what healing properties each has.

Amethyst is believed to be a powerful stone that can provide healing for the spiritual and emotional body. Its positive energy forces remove negative energy to potentially provide for better overall health. You can keep it in the bedroom to induce more restful sleep. It can be used in the home to encourage harmony and unity among those who dwell within. Chalcopyrite is said to provide transformative energies to help the user adjust to changes in their life. It is closely associated with new opportunities, such as a career change, giving the user the ability to transition more successfully. Using the stone on the Third Eye, Crown and Throat chakras is believed to enable visions, allow for interpretation, and give voice to what has been seen, which in turn confirms the reality of the vision. The information contained in this section is metaphysical in nature. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.

Every morning when I feel in need ususally overwhelmed and yes I do wake that way sometimes. I walk over and pick up what calls to me. I speak my intentions for the day out loud take a few moments hold it and place it back. If I feel I need that extra support and I own a piece that can travel with me; it does. Everyone may or may not know what they need to get through the day and this helps me. You may just need to find what that looks like for you. I’m not by any means an expert but have been trying to learn more and talk with people about this part of my journey.

Got out my phone and Google helped me find this…

The Best Crystals for Each Zodic Sign
Strengthen: red jasper, carnelian, bloodstone Balance: amethyst, selenite, green aventurine
Strengthen: smoky quartz, amazonite, onyx Balance: amethyst, black tourmaline, moldavite
Strengthen: lapis lazuli, blue sodalite, agate
Balance: blue lace agate, shungite, malachite
Strengthen: moonstone, selenite, labradorite
Balance: garnet, black tourmaline, carnelian
Strengthen: citrine, carnelian, tiger’s eye Balance: selenite, fluorite, celestite
Strengthen jasper, fluorite, amber Balance: kyanite, angelite, larimar
Strengthen: amazonite, lapis lazuli, howlite Balance: tiger’s eye, carnelian, or sunstone
Strengthen: moldavite, kyanite, unakite Balance: smokey quartz, tourmaline, garnet
Strengthen: aventurine, lepidolite, malachite Balance: arimar, clear quartz, amethyst
Strengthen: lepidolite, green jade, tiger’s eye Balance: sodalite, rose quartz, celestite
Strengthen: labradorite, moldavite, aquamarine Balance: yellow jasper, amber, carnelian
Strengthen: angelite, kyanite, sodalite Balance: smoky quartz, petrified wood, jasper

Well that’s all for today and I will be back just to share parts of this journey. We all truly have a path and a purpose. I’m on mine and welcome you to share yours if you like. May blessings and kindness greet you daily 🙏 until next time friend!

Quarantine Christmas Mani #2

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m not but my nails most certainly are…

I have so much going on in my life, like most do now a days. I felt that I needed to reclaim my “ME” time even if only a couple of hours when everyone else in my home was asleep. This mani will be the last one before New Year’s Eve…

Polishes used for my mani: BKL~Once Upon a Generation (FF OCT 2020)
Different Dimension~Grunge NYC~116 Broadway Burgandy Frost
Stamping plates used: Maniology MXM043, M080 & M081

My cuticles are suffering with all the hand washing and sanitizing but from start to finish

Glisten & Glow~Ridgefilling Base Coat, Top Coat and Cuticle Oil (Sangria White Peach).
I would usually use CTRL-ALT-DEL (Latex Barrier) available scented and unscented, but it was late and in my defense I got lazy.
End result not to bad for an after midnight mani…

Try to carve out a little “ME” time everyday and disconnect even for a moment… watch a video, a movie, listen to music or like me polish your nails it doesn’t matter just take care of you. In order to care for others we need self-care first.

Until the next time or in my case until the next mani love yourself and be kind!

Quarantine Christmas Mani #1

Boy have I missed doing my nails 💅 So since March 2020 we’ve been in hell and right about that time my vision started going to shit (excuse my language). I was not able to do my nails like I use to and I felt really bad 😞 It’s been a struggle having to manage all the remote learning with my kids, doing all the housework cooking and cleaning alllllll day nonstop. I couldn’t watch the news because it was so overwhelming. The world was falling apart and there was no where to hide…no safe place.

Moving to present day, I’ve gone to the optometrist and since been given readers… I’m not mad, but it seemed to happen over night. Last night I finally did my first mani since this whole pandemic began. It made me smile like seriously 😃 SMILE!

I love it dry cuticles and all… All the hand washing is killing my skin, but I do use cuticle oils.
Items used in order:

Glisten & Glow Ridgefilling and Base Coat (in combo)

Nail Colors: BKL~I’m Never Gonna Financially From This (FF June 2020) alternating with NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel ~116 Broadway Burgundy Frost

Stamp Plates:
Maniology MXM 019 and Maniology MXM 044

I’m excited to have finally been able to paint my nails it meant the world to me small but meaningful to do something for me… What have you done just for you lately?